About Ulule

Ulule is the only international crowdfunding platform where the majority of projects get funded.

With over 22,000 successful projects, 2 Million contributors and over 65 employees, Ulule is a rapidly growing creative hub, the only one of its kind.

Our Montreal office is based out of the Mile-End.

Who is this job for?

To put it bluntly, we’re looking for a candidate that we don’t think exists.

Ulule’s brand and community is at the core of its success. We’re looking for a forward thinking creative that is passionate about leading through execution. What does that mean exactly? You need to be able to come up with the ever changing ideas, strategies and tactics for our content + online community activation→ across various countries and platforms. More importantly, you need to execute all of it with the various cross-functional teams.

Who will you be reporting to and working with?

You will be working directly under the CEO and the Head of International Growth, while working hand in hand with the CMO.

Who will you be leading?

If you’re looking to manage people to do work for you, this is not for you. You will be entirely responsible for bolstering a brand that processes contributions from over 150 countries and has very close partnerships with some of the largest banks in the world.

You’ll have 1 junior community managers from each country to support your two-tiered execution ( global + local).


  • Portfolio of qualitatively and quantitatively impressive achievements that combine creative & business
  • An obsessive focus on execution
  • Out of this world copywriting skills in english
  • Self-driven and action oriented→ if we’re not telling you to slow down, you’re not moving quick enough
  • Probably 3-10 years in an agency → if not, you’ll have to convince us why that would have been a waste for you
  • Execution focused, did we mention that?
  • Vous avez de bonnes capacités rédactionnelles, une écriture fluide, rapide et une orthographe irréprochable en français aussi.

Why should you join the team and take on the mission?

You’ll truly have full creative control of a global brand that : is growing quickly / wants to grow even quicker / impacts lives meaningfully / is continuously working to think outside the box

You know that feeling people have when they’re being blocked by bureaucracy or a boss that doesn’t want to “risk” things by being too edgy? That is prohibited from happening here.

Also: we’ve got an unreal team, amazing working conditions and perks that would make a senior executive in a fortune 500 company blush.

Lastly, for lack of a better description: this is probably the coolest job in marketing / communications you’ll see posted this year.

If you’ve read down this far, you should probably apply.

Send your CV in:

  • Where : Montréal, Mile End
  • Start date : flexible, but we’re looking now
  • Salary: 50K CAD+ TBD performance bonuses